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Eckard Family of No. Carolina Genealogy
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(828) 657-6918

PO Box 415
Henrietta, NC, 28076
United States of America

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Genealogical reserachers of the Eckard, Lail, Moody, & Owl Families of NC and the Kanes & Yudkowsky Families of Philadelphia, and our most recently found Nortons, Moretz, and Maynor family ties!!! Need to store all that history? Store it or anything else you may have at Palmetto Storage and Car Wash, Forest City, NC (Subsidary of Jessamine Properties, Inc, Orlando, Fl), use the contact form on our website to get your quote today! While you're at it...check out Cline's Nursery in Shelby, NC!
Genealogists, Storage Containers, Facilities & Warehouses
Genealogy, Family History, Eckard, Moody, Lail, Owl, Yudkowsky, Kane, Norton, Moretz, Maynor, Cline's Nursery, John Aloysius Kane of Philadelphia, Isidor Yudkowsky, Frank Eckard
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