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We wish to acknowledge those whose assistance and efforts over the past 18 years have helped up gather together the information about our family.

Please forgive us, if we've missed a few names, it is without intention and in no way diminishes the efforts of those people. As we go through our notes, names that should be listed but are not now included will be added to the list.

We will be eternally grateful to all who helped, suffered through our poking and prodding, not to mention those family and friends alike, who have walked miles with us through cemeteries and stood helping us to locate and copy countless documentation at Courthouses and other record respositories.

The names, randomly listed, are as follows:

  • Carroll and Hilde Noflander Eckard, Nebo, NC
  • Thelma Jean Eckard Biddix and Family, Nebo, NC
  • Connie Lou Eckard Spencer and Family, Nebo, NC
  • John and Ann Eckard Kuckowski, Decatur, IL
  • Patricia G. Eckard Bentley, Nebo, NC
  • Fannie Marie Eckard Anderson and Family, Granite Falls, NC
  • Charles and Peggy Lail, Hickory, NC
  • Patrick Lernout, Belgium
  • Mary Moody Ellington and Family, Marion, NC
  • Ruth Moody Cooper and Family, Marion, NC
  • Robert Youndeer, Sr., Cherokee, NC
  • Alan Z. Yudkowsky, Esq. and Michelle L. Yudkowsky, PhD and Family, Agoura Hills, CA
  • Kyle and Liza Jimenez-Herrington Yudkowsky, Jacksonville, FL
  • Josh and Brittny Kane Chabalowski, Florida
  • Lesley Palmer Pullium, North Carolina
  • The Hollar Family, Hickory
  • Faye Reuther, Forest City, NC
  • Dell and Libby Steffen, Marion, NC
  • Sister Genevieve Mary, Archivist, Villa Maria House of Studies, Immaculata, PA.
  • Charlotte Lugmayr, Austria
  • Det. R. Hosey, Landis PD, Rowan Co., NC (assistance with corrected informaton on article regarding Eduardo Wong)
  • John E. and Ruth Greene Kane, Pensacola, FL
  • Patricia Moody, Nebo, NC


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