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Although she graduated from high school, there were apparently some courses that Mary needed to complete in order to receive her teaching credentials. She took those courses in 1926 while a novice at Villa Maria House of Studies. In 1951, she earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Immaculata College.

In her 57 years as an educator, Mary taught at Catholic schools in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland. By her assignment dates to those schools, what follows is a timeline of her teaching career that began 82 years ago with the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary order.

  • 1/15/1927: Immaculate Conception, Germantown, PA; teacher, grades 3 and 4
  • 6/15/1931: Anunciation Grade School, Shenandoah Valley, PA; teacher, grade 4
  • 8/15/1935: St. Gabriel's Grade School, Philadelphia, PA; teacher, grade 5
  • 8/15/1937: Villa Maria House of Studies, Immaculata, PA; teacher, grades 6, 7, and 8
  • 8/15/1947: St. Aloysius Academy, Bryn Mar, PA; teacher, grades 7 and 8
  • 8/15/1951: St. James, Falls Churh, VA; teacher, grade 4
  • 8/15/1957: St. Pius X, Brumall, PA; teacher, grade 7 and acting school principal
  • 8/15/1963: Immaculate Conception, Summerville, NJ; teacher, grade 7
  • 10/15/1963: St. Michael, Annandale, VA; school principal
  • 8/15/1969: Good Shepherd, Philadelphia, PA; semi-retired from teaching
  • 8/15/1975: St. Thomas More, Arlington, VA; teacher at the Learning Center

Mary Margaret Kane passed away on September 26th, 1982 at the age of 78 at Chester County Hospital, Chester Co., PA. following a brief illness. I spoke with her while she was hospitalized- a mere few days before she died. If she knew these were her last days she never let on. As we spoke, she was the same as she had always been; loving, laughing, and ever optimistic. From things she shared with me over the years, I believe her life was good and spent doing the work she had been born to do while living the vocation that had so long before touched her heart and soul.

She is buried as Sr. Mary Severa, IHM, on the left side along the 6th row in the 4th grave at Immaculate Cemetery, Immaculata, PA

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