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We've included several trees and genealogy reports showing part of our link to the Lail Family.

We hope this information will help you with some of your research. However, if you'd like to find out if we have more information or what to find out about a specific person, please go to our Genealogy Inquiry Form page, complete the form, and send it to us. We don't offer any promises that we additional information but we'll be happy to check to see if we have anything on file and will contact you either way. Please be pacient, though, we work on this project as time allows. Be assured, however, that we do answer all inquiries.

One of our contributors, Charles Lail along with his wife, Peggy Pope Lail, provided us much information on our extended Lail Family. Sadly, Charles suddenly passed away in 2008. Although we didn't have the opportunity to meet him in person, we came to know him as a kind, thoughtful, and generous person with whom who shared several years of "pen-pal" communications. Thank you, Charles and Peggy, we couldn't have done a lot of this without you.

James Otto Lail, pictured in the WW1 Navy uniform was married to my Aunt "Polly", whose given name was Florence Eckard. As far as I know, "Ott", as he was known within the family, was the first Lail to marry into my bloodline. We don't know much about James Otto Lail but for what we do have available on him and my Aunt Polly, click on her chart below.

3GenerationChart-LAIL Florence Eckard.pdf


There is another reference to an "Otto Lail" that we located in the North Carolina Birth Registry at That reference indicated that an "Otto Lail" and Bertie Moline Eckard Idaughter of Preston Leroy Eckard) were the parents of a daughter, Essie, born in 1934. Bertie Moline Eckard Jones' obituary did not reference a daughter, Essie. We don't know if these two Otto Lails are the same but, if someone can tell enlighten us on these individuals we'd appreciate it.

Other Lails

PedigreeChart-LAIL Ada Catherine.pdf

GenealogyRpt Family of George Lail 1800s.pdf

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