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Our Cherokee Heritage

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My beautiful grandmother, Callie Magdaline Owle Moody (pictured left as a young woman in 1916), descended from a long line of proud and gifted people, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. Her lineage stems directly from many who travelled the Trail of Tears and from those who hid in the high mountains to avoid capture and relocation to the Oaklahoma reservation lands.

Callie was born on the Qualla Boundary on September 30th, 1870 to Solomon Darius Owl(e) and Amy Anettie Reed. Callie (center) is pictured right with her grandfather, David Owl, her grandmother (seated), Caroline Eudora Brady Owl, a sister, Dora, and a baby cousin, Quincy Adam Owl. She lived on the Boundary until, against urgings of her family, she married my grandfather, Thomas Albert Moody (1893-1960), on September 16, 1913. Her life was difficult at best, even when young. She knew only hard work and church. Callie and Tom had eight children, whom Callie raised mostly on her own. Tom was a musician by trade and frequently travelled to perform for a living. He was, according to family, also filled with wonderlust, which added to his absences.  

This picture of Callie was taken outside the log cabin in which she and Tom raised their children; it was drafty, minimal and devoid of modern conveniences of any type. Despite meager provisions and even less income, she raised her children well and into her later years even took on the added burden of frequently watching her grandchildren. Family who knew her longer and, perhaps, better than me have said that, as gentle of a woman as she was, Callie had a firey nature when needed.

I remember my grandmother well. A kind, compassionate woman she bestowed much love on her family, myself included. In late 1979, I was home for a visit and had made certain not to miss a chance to see her before I left. She had always been a slight woman but, then age 91, she seemed more fragile. When my visit concluded, I told her I'd see her again during my next vacation and visit home the following year. She told me she loved me and remarked that she would not be "here" when I returned. Indeed, she was not. Callie died on September 26th, 1980 at age 92.

To view my Cherokee ancestry tree, please click on the link below.

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Meet Some of our Owl and Other Related Family Members

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