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Some of my other kinfolk...

The individuals or families highlighted below are a small representation of the individuals who comprise our tree. By profiling them, we did not intend in any way to slight a family or disregard that family's contributions to our lineage. But, this site isn't able to accommodate all of the information that we have acquired; and, so, we were forced to choose.

Delia Jane Biddix (left): Pictured here with an unidentified daughter that we suspect may be Barbara Jane, was the wife of William David Eckard (1884-1952).

Among her grandchildren, there are mixed opinions about my grandmother's personality; some say she was gentle and loving, while others said there experiences were that she was indifferent and cold. I remember her as beleagered; which I think caused her to seem a cold person. Whatever her personality, Delia's life was not an easy one. Like my maternal grandmother, her's was a life of sparse means and daily hard work. To learn of her family, click on her link.

Dora Alice Hefner: I never met my paternal great-grandmother as she passed away in 1947 and I have yet to find anyone who spent

any appreciable time with her other than my cousin, John Setzer. His memories, however, are sketchy and limited to those of a very young child. We were able to learn some things about her genealogy which you can read about by click on her link

About Marie's family...

Marie and her primary family group hail from Philadelphia, PA. Her (adopted) ancestors hail from Ireland and England, while her son's encompasses Russia, Poland, and what is now Belarus.

The John A. Kane Family of Philadelphia, PA: Marie's family can be viewed by clicking on "KaneFamily" link below.

The Paternal Family of Kyle Stefan Yudkowsky, son of Marie Kane Eckard, can be viewed by clicking on the link entitled, "

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