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Clyde Loenard Moody

"The Hillbilly Waltz King"

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Other Things You May Find Interesting About

my Uncle Clyde..

The following file contains a few of the posters advertising Uncle Clyde's appearances and interviews along with one his obituaries. Also included are the death certificates of his first wife Jannie Parker and their son, Jimmie, as well as an infant daughter who passed away. We have also included the obituary of one of his older children, Betty Moody Stanton, who passed away only a few years ago. We have so many copies of Uncle Clyde's appearance announcements, chart listings, and other "mentions" that we simply couldn't upload them all.

NOTE: In an interview in 1984, Uncle Clyde is quoted as saying that his father was part Cherokee. We have never seen any documentation to support that claim. However, this is not to say that it wasn't possible.

MOODY Sampling of DocsPostersEtc.pdf (PDF — 10 MB)

More of our family's musical Moodys...

Bruce Moody , a 1st cousin through my Uncle Roy Moody.

Dave Moody, a cousin through Dwight L. Moody who was 2nd cousin to my Uncle Clyde.

The Moody Brothers which was a band conprised of Dave (above) and his brothers Carlton and Trent Moody.

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